Niš DentalDental Implant Centar


Conservative dentistry:


  • Filling teeth with porcelain inlayponuda
  • Filling teeth with modern composite materials
  • Filling teeth with amalgam (gray filling)
  • Treatment of teeth root canal



Aesthetic dentistry

  • teeth-whitening
  • installation of zircon




  • Making of acrylic partial dentures
  • Making of vizil dentures
  • Installation of atecmen
  • Making of total dentures
  • Telescope crown
  • Making of molten upgrade
  • Making of metal-ceramic crowns
  • Making of no metal ceramic crowns
  • Making of metal-ceramic bridges
  • Making of upgrade to the implants, etc..


  • Making of zirkonium crowns and circular zirkonium bridges


Oral surgery:


  • Extraction of teeth
  • Extraction of impacted teeth
  • cyst and granuloma surgery
  • Leveling ridges
  • Deepening of fornix
  • Removal of blister,frenulum
  • Extraction of impacted roots
  • Installation of implants
  • Closing sinus etc.



  • Removal of scale
  • Removal of soft pile
  • Periodontol pockets treatment
  • Periodontol surgeries …


Children’s dentistry:

  • Founding of fissure
  • Extraction of milk and permanent teeth
  • Filling of milk and permanent teeth
  • Fluor treatment
  • Teaching proper mouth hygiene



  • Ortodontic specialist check-up
  • Making of mobile orthodontic devices
  • Making of fixed orthodontic devices



Aesthetic dentistry:

Teeth whitening:

estetikaTeeth whitening is the fastest and easiest way to improve your looks and add a little sparkle in Your smile. It is completely safe and extremely simple procedure. With whitening of teeth, color glaze is lighter, and teeth look younger and brighter.

Dental jewelry:

zubninakitDental jewelry is a great way to put some sparkle in to your smile and thus distinguish yourself from other people. The procedure is painless.The dentist fixes up dental jewelry on the front surface of the upper teeth. This procedure is totally noninvasive, and there is no damage of teeth substance and any adverse effects. Dental jewelry can be removed at any time, changed as any other piece of jewelry, without any consequences,all you need is coming to dispensary.

Dental prosthetics:

DENTAL dispensary is highly specialized in providing services related to dental prosthetics. The concept of prosthetics is usually associated only with making up lost teeth. This area of dentistry, however, is much broader and includes a series of actions whose aim is to establish harmonic relations between teeth, jaws, chewing muscles and jaw joints and their maintenance.Regardless of the complexity of your problem, Dr. Dragan Stojanovic and staff will always find the best solution for you. The result of our work always involves the establishment of uncompromising features and, of course, high aesthetics.


Zirconium crowns and circular zirkonium bridges



Orthodontic is a part of dentistry that deals with the correction of growth and the position of teeth.

Ortodontic treatment can be carried out:

  • with children, whether a child has all the milk teeth or both milk and permanent teeth.
  • With adults who have all permanent teeth

therapy can be carried out by mobile devices (protesica), fixed devices (brackets glued to the teeth) or a combination of both types of devices.





Services that we provide in this area of periodontology are:

  • Removal of scale
  • Removal of soft pile
  • Periodontol pockets treatment
  • Periodontol surgeries …



Children’s dentistry:

Children’s dentistry is dentistry applied to all children..

Its task is to:

  • children gain confidence in the dentist
  • to force children use preventive
  • to make timely and adequate treatment.

Children’s dentistry includes work with newborns, infants, children, preschool children, school and high school children, as well as those up to 18 years of age,when the development and growth of chewing aparatus completes.
Dental dispensary “Dental” offers a complete treatment in protection and prevention of caries, prevention of certain irregularities of teeth and jaws,prevention of soft tissue diseases.

Fluor treatment

In the dental dispensary “Dental”,this technique is done by using special funds that are applied to teeth, the treatment takes 30 minutes twice a year. Substances taken must be given by a dentist because there is a proper time and dose which must be respected.

Founding of fissure

Is a completely painless treatment that provides protection against caries in certain predilection places of teeth – fissure in the teeth of all milk and premolars and permanent molars.

Monitoring the change of teeth

Under the watchful eye of our doctors every change is monitored,any anomaly can be detected on time and adequate treatment can be given.