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Useful advices

Sensitivity of teeth:

Sensitivity of teeth is very common with the large number of people. Our teeth can be very sensitive to different stimulants, hot, cold, sweet or sour.

Excessive sensitivity of the teeth is caused:

  • Incorrect washing technique with too hard brushes can very easily damage the enamel of the teeth and in that way expose extremely sensitive dentin to the outside influences.
  • Withdrawal of the gum from the necks of the teeth as one of the symptoms of the retaining aparatus teeth disease – periodontopaty, leads to the exposure of teeth necks to different stimulants and the occurrence of pain;
  • Scratching teeth and clenching of the teeth leads to the creation of a great force,braking it to its components, practically goes out parts of glaze of the weakest places, such as the necks of teeth and causes enhanced sensitivity of these part.


Unpleasant stench:

Unpleasant stench or halitosis can be caused by a number of factors such as aromatic food, caries, the gum diseases, mouth dryness, smoking cigarettes, sinus or respiratory diseases, certain general diseases, inadequat oral hygiene or the use of certain drugs. Your dentist can help identify the causes of this phenomenon and, if it is linked to mouth, determine the appropriate therapy and lead to healing.

How to brush teeth properly?

  • Always use medium hardness toothbrush, it is enough to thoroughly wash teeth, and thus you will not damage the gum.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal,at least two times a day – morning and evening.
  • Place your toothbrush to the external part of the teeth, partly on your teeth and partly on your gum. Then by slow vibrating movements move your toothbrush left-right which will allow small brush fibers to pass between the teeth and then pull toothbrush down in case of upper teeth ,or up in case of lower teeth.
  • Brush your internal front teeth with the upright position of your toothbrush moving it up and down
  • Brush your internal side teeth,moving your toothbrush upwards in case of lower teeth and downwords in case of upper teeth.
  • Brush your biting areas using circular movements with horizontally placed brush.
  • Change the toothbrush regularly, at least after 3-4 months.


Teeth diseases -conservation:

Good hygiene and regular dental examinations are the only way to insure your healthy teeth.When reviewing check the health of the oral cavity. Teeth are checked for caries, dental calculus, paradontosis ,while in the oral cavity we can find diseases such as diabetes,avitaminoses.
For the filling and the treatment of the teeth we use imported materials and medicines from the last generation that meet the maximum dental requirements such as:

  • dental health
  • function of the teeth
  • morphology of the teeth
  • aesthetics of the teeth
  • reliability, durability and lassitude of the material

With the chewing function damage caused by the lack of a smaller or a larger number of teeth we use modern methods of rehabilitation of oral cavity:

  • contemporary ceramics for crowns and bridges
  • partially skeleton denture
  • combinations of the ceramics and skeleton denture using as their link all types of atecmen
  • total denture
  • all types of conventional dental restorations.

For the dental prosthetic rehabilitation of chewing aparatus Dental uses world-known materials both in dental clinic and laboratory.