Niš DentalDental Implant Centar

Price list

No.Description of ServicePrice RSDPrice EUR
01.Dental check-up500 din.5 EUR
02.X ray – retroalveolarni500 din.5 EUR
03.X ray – Retroalveolar radiographic-ORTOPAN1.000 din.10 EUR
04.Amalgam filling2.000 din.20 EUR
05.Composite filling2.000 din.20 EUR
06.Canal treatment – Phase I2.000 din.20 EUR
07.Definitely filling the root canal500 din.5 EUR
08.Removing of the tooth with anaesthetic2.000 din.20 EUR
09.Sergical removing of the tooth with resection of the roots2.500 din.25 EUR
10.Extraction of impacted tooth12.000 din.100 EUR
11.Apicotomy12.000 din.100 EUR
12.Frenulectomia5.000 din.50 EUR
13.Removal of scale and soft pile from all teeth2.000 din.20 EUR
14.Treated tooth whitening (per tooth)1.200 din.10 EUR
15.Vital tooth whitening (per zubu)1.200 din.10 EUR
16.Acrylic total and partial dentures (per jaw)24.000 din.200 EUR
17.Skeleton – VIZIL – denture (per jaw)42.000 din.350 EUR
18.Partial denture so called “Frog”- up to two teeth8.500 din.70 EUR
19.Indirect underlaying of denture1000 din.10 EUR
20.Reparatory of denture12.000 din.100 EUR
21.Molten metal upgrade of stump4.000 din.40 EUR
22.Metal-ceramic crown11.000 din.90 EUR
23.Crown without metal or facet12.000 din.120 EUR
24.Installation of implants – “C-Tech “42.000 din.340 EUR
25.Installation of implants – “NOBEL – BioCare “60.000 din.600 EUR
26.Abutment (connecting element) for implant12.000 din.100 EUR
27.Zirconium crown18.500 din.150 EUR
28.Orthodontic appliance (mobile)12.000 din.120 EUR
29.Zirconia Crowns1.500 din.15 EUR
29.Sinus-lift operation95.000 din.800 EUR
30.Bone transplantation72.000 din.600 EUR
31.Lateralization of the nervus alveolaris inferior95.000 din.800 EUR
32.TL X-ray1.500 din.15 EUR
33.3D scan of one jaw4.000 din.40 EUR
34.3D scan of both jaw6.000 din.60 EUR

Prices are not precise, final prices will be given when you contact the office.

The practise holds the right to change given prices.